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    How important is it for a reapplicant to take an english class in college? I tested out of a whole year of english due to AP credits and am currently taking a higher level english class that may not be necessary. I am taking calc and calc based physics which are both weed out classes at my school. My question is, do i drop the english and take an easier humanities class, or do i stick with it? The english class I'm enrolled in is very time consuming and wouldn't be easy. I know they are more concerned with the math and science, so would it be bad to not take an english class? I have 17 credit hours currently.

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    Hi Daddy_12,

    I'm not sure what your situation is - re-appliacnt or new application. It really doesn't matter. USNA admissions page tells you what you need, and I suspect you already have everything you need from what you took in HS, so technically if you have the four years of HS English, taking more is not a requirement. I would suggest you use your college experience to polish your resume in areas where you think it would be most useful. If I were you, I would tailor my class load to mimic the SA first year curriculum as much as possible to demonstrate I could do quality high level work and to possibly validating more courses if I were accepted. However, I would not tailor my course work so rigorously to the SA curriculum that I would screw up the Plan B course I was currently on. If you need this English course for your current program, I would take it, regardless of the time constraint. If not, then your plan sounds like a good one.
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    You probably should ask the Admissions Counselor to make sure...but my recommendation would be to try and do an English course, but if that cannot work the next best thing is a humanities class that requires reading/writing (hopefully the title of that course would make it obvious).

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