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    Hello everybody,

    I am a high school senior, and enlisted with the US Army Reserve as a 35F (Intelligence Analyst). I have obtained a TS/SCI clearance and am assigned to a military intelligence BN.

    I joined because the work and the lifestyle is something I have to live before I die. I feel a calling to serve, and am so happy I am going to fulfill it.

    I am on here because my unit is nominating me for the Military Academy. Honestly, I was stunned. I went from looking at SMP at San Jose State to looking at the Academy within a minute. They told me at my first battle assembly that they were looking for somebody of age to fill their slot. USMA apparently has Reserve slots going unfilled, as does my MI BN. My NCOs have distinguished me as being the hardest working Future Soldier (pre-BT) they've seen, and am "preparing" me to make Honor Graduate at BT. West Point has always held a special reverence in my life, but I had not previously considered it due to my not being in varsity sports. I can either apply to the Academy while in AIT (35F have the only MOS that can apply during AIT), or anytime with CO's recommendation.

    Now that I consider it, I believe that I can be competitive with a CO's nomination, going the enlisted route. My ASVAB is 96, 289 APFT, and US Army Reserve Scholar Athlete Medal (awarded to high school recruits that are scholar atheletes). I have a 29 ACT, several leadership activities in school, and love to practice Krav Maga and read about military operations and history. What concerns me however is that my GPA may fall. I am taking three AP classes, and while I took the same number last year and did very well, I am unsure of this year. My WGPA may end up being a 3.5-3.7 this year, which has me worrying.

    I am extraordinarily humbled and grateful to be enlisted and considered for the Academy. If I don't get in, I will still be proud to be a Soldier.

    Thanks for reading.

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