Enlisted Marine to Naval Officer possible?


Mar 7, 2017
I am considering after graduating highschool, to enlist into the Marine corps as active duty (4 years). Using any educational benefits i wanted to attend community college/state university for 4 years doing NROTC and try to become a naval officer.

My second plan was to enlist in the marine corps for 4 years, and afterwards go to cc/state university and do NROTC, thus far taking me 8 years to become a naval officer.

I might be a bit wrong on this since i havent really found much on it. For anyone who knows well about this matter, is it a realistic goal to go enlisted as a marine first, and then afterwards as a naval officer through NROTC? I really want to become a marine, but i also have this passion to be a naval officer afterwards...im not sure its possible.
Sure it's possible, if that's the way you want to go. Continue researching.
I know a GySgt who is doing this exact thing right now at an ROTC unit. So, it's very possible.
I know a GySgt who is doing this exact thing right now at an ROTC unit. So, it's very possible.

But in the sense of doing college after he finished his term as an AD marine, or did college while in AD?

Thing is i dont want to go to the reserves..also i heard trying to do rotc in college while in AD is hard, especially trying to get a bachelor's. I personally want to become an officer in the long run...but i think enlisting will help me develop as a person.
More than likely the GySgt is in the MECEP programs he is paid to go to school full time. Once he completes his degree and OCS he will become a 2ndLt. It is a competitive program to get into. Google USMC MECEP and it will provide tons of info. This program is a USMC commission. If someone goes to USNA as a prior Marine they can choose to go to Navy or USMC. I had 3 prior Marines in my class commission as Naval Officers. 1 by choice and the other 2 were not selected for Marines during service assignment.

If you complete your enlisted contract you are free to join an NROTC unit. GI Bill cover you and you can compete for advanced standing which allows the contract to commission. Or you can go to school and apply for OCS as you near completion.