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    I've read and heard about the soldier admission program (enlisted applicants) at USMA, as well as the same general program at the Air Force Academy and Naval Academy. From what i know, they admit around 200 applicants (I've seen varying numbers from different sources, from 170 to 190) each year, divided equally between the National Guard, the Reserves, and Active Duty members. I read this article, and was simply amazed and inspired by the story of Ross Boston and his perseverance and insistence on joining the Corps.


    In the article, it mentions that he enlisted at MEPS for the Marine Corps, and it mentions that despite the program's name as the Soldier Admission Program, it actually extends to all service members, including the Marine Corps. Can someone please verify this? I may as well end up following the same pathway in the event that I do not get appointed this year. I am meeting with my recruiter tomorrow who told me he would give me the details of the reserves and Active Duty, and the differences in terms of schooling between the two. It seems Ross was enrolled at Winthrop University while in the marine reserves, which seems to make it possible that reserve men and women can attend a private university while serving.

    If this is true, then the path he took would technically be the best path to ensuring yourself a spot, wouldn't it? He could apply both as a college student AND as an enlisted applicant, whereas a ROTC cadet (which I believe they only choose 5 from) could only receive a nomination from the ROTC program. Could someone please tell me if I'm right about the statistics of the program? It is not that I am not interested in the ROTC program, but rather, that I've been interested in enlisting first before anything else for quite a while now, and it's always been my dream to attend a service academy anyway. Thanks in advance!
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    I'm on the same boat as you. I'd much prefer an academy, and while I'm not throwing ROTC out the door...it's just not exactly what I'm looking for. When you meet with your recruiter ask him if he can get you a National Call to Service contract. Its basically a 15 month active duty + training, and then 2 years reserves. If you were to go 11B (which is what I would do), then you should plan on about 4 months of training plus 15 months active duty. If you want to go marines (which is what it looks like you want to do), and were to go 0311, plan on a longer time training. Basic and advanced school is a little longer. You could then talk with your platoon commander, who will then work up the chain to get the proper paperwork. If you are a smart kid, scored above a 110 GT, good rec's from your chain of command, etc... you'll definetly have a good chance.
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    West Point Soldier Admissions

    West Point has a Soldier admissions section on their website here:

    Federal Law allows 85 Active Duty and 85 Reserve Soldiers to be admitted under Sec Army nominations each year. You need to be in the ARMY to receive this nomination to West Point.
    West Point never fills these slots - so if you are a good soldier and will qualify academically (or have the potential to qualify academically) you have an excellent chance of receiving a Sec Army nomination and appointment.

    West Point loves enlisted applicants. Many come from other services besides the Army. There is a yuk who came from the Air Force in the Corps.
    Many prior enlisted also have combat experience and come with 3-4 years of service.

    If you apply from college in the Reserves you will be eligible for one of the 85 Reserve nominations.

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