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    I’m currently a high school junior, and I will be going to basic training in the army in the summer of 2017 to obtain my citizenship. As soon as I am naturalized, I hope to apply to attend USMA.

    I’m wondering if according to my academic background as of now and the extracurricular activities I am involved in, I am qualified to be directly appointed to USMA (I’m a female). And of course, I will have to have a strong physical background.

    So far, I’ve had one B (2nd semester of junior year too) and my weighted GPA is 4.6. The first time I took my ACT I got a 31 composite and 36 on writing (I will take it another time to improve). I’m involved in quite a bit of extracurricular activities that involve a heavy amount of community service and club organizations.

    Since I will be in AIT when applying to USMA, I’m wondering if my chances are slimmer than normal civilians who apply to the academy. Am I at a disadvantage if I start 1-2 years later than “normal” undergrads?

    I’ve done some research on their website, but I still have some lingering questions.

    1. Since I won’t be too far from graduating high school, am I allowed to submit letters of recommendation from my high school teachers? Or would I have to submit recommendation letters from general officers, battalion commanders, etc?

    2. Are there many instances where active duty soldiers apply to USMA and get directly appointed to USMA? Or are most soldiers considered for USMAPS?

    3. If everything goes smoothly with my naturalization process and I start applying in October, would that be too late? If my naturalization process doesn’t go as planned and I obtain my citizenship in let’s say, November, would I still be able to finish all the application and paperwork before the deadline on Feb. 28th? The later I start my application, would there be a slimmer chance I would get accepted as an enlisted soldier?
    Thank you in advance.
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    Your questions are complex, but I can provide technically answers.

    1. Can't submit anything until your application is open. Typically, you can the application during spring of your junior year. The application does not require letters of recommendation, it requires school official evaluation. Letters of recommendation can be just mailed directly to the admission office and they will be placed in your file. You have to receive your "second step kit" (i.e. access to the second part of the application portal) to have access to the school official evaluation part. In order for this to happen you have to be a competitive candidate and usually happens around June through September.

    2. My best guess on direct appointment of enlisted applicants is 20 to 30. All soldiers are considered for direct appointment first, then the USMAPS. Usually, the academic accomplishments determine direct appointment vs USMAPs

    3. It's not when you start, but when you finish. My opinion, if you can finish your application by December, you should be okay. But, in my opinion, if you finish application just in time, regardless of being a soldier or regular application, you are not helping yourself.
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    I'm a Soldier going to USMAPS this year.

    My advice is to shoot for distinguished honor graduate (#1) in your AIT. let your AIT instructor or platoon sergeant know you are applying to USMA, get their email, and ask if they would write a letter of recommendation for you.

    If you aren't one of the top performers in your AIT don't pressure them into writing one.

    Anyway, if you want more info PM me, I'm happy to help.

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