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    I am applying to the class for the class of 2020; however, I am worried that I will not get in because of test scores (ACT Math- 28 ACT English- 27). Taking into consideration the competitiveness of admissions, I enlisted into the Navy through my local recruiting office because my main goal is to ultimately serve in the Navy. However, I am definitely going to reapply if I do not get appointed this year. Is there anyone who could advise me on how the application would differ for me next year as a newly enlisted?
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    It depends on where you are in the training pipeline next year. Remember a CO's endorsement is required. A CO might not sign off if you are in school or if you haven't been on station long. It's a gamble and be prepared to serve the entire Enlistment if you go this route. Google Navy enlisted to USNA message or something like that. Read the requirements in the message as that is what is released each year for enlisted applicants to apply. This forum has tons of info on going this route. Use the search function.
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