Your sig says you're a candidate... why are you enlisting?

If you do enlist, you can apply to any service academy immediately so it doesn't matter how long you enlist for.
I just haven't changed it yet I was med dqed for vision and was told that waivers have been given for my condition. My field rep said if I showed that it didnt affect me in the military they would give it to me most likely
I am curious...Did you apply for USMA or USMMA, or both? You have USMMA in your signature block but your screen name is usma 2013 hopeful.
I, too, am seeking an appointment to class 2013. However, I already enlisted and went through Basic last summer. With that said, it is much easier to apply to usma when enlisted, if in the event an appointment does not go through right away. Why? There is always vacant spots for active/reserve soldiers. The only medical you will have to pass is DOD MEPS, which is administered before you sign a contract. If you have any questions, or plan on enlisting feel free to contact me.