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    Hello everyone,

    I was wondering if any of you had any personal insight to offer as to whether or not West Point admissions give any distinction to students who are slated to finish a year of college before the class he/she enters the academy.

    Here's my story..
    I opened a file as a junior(I know all this sounds terribly familiar) but decided not to finish through with the admissions. I'm about to enter my freshman year at a selective liberal arts college but I won't turn 18 until the semester is done--hence my hesitation about applying for the usma class of 2013.

    Stats: GPA 3.9 something unweighted (No AP classes offered) rank like 9 out of 100, senior schedule was [Calculus based stats, Creative writing/drama, adv. spanish literature] at a local college and physics plus psych/econ at the high school.

    ACT score of 33
    SAT Math - 690, verbal 720, writing 730

    4 years of tennis, 2 varsity, 2 years of track

    was student council representative and secretary treasurer, attended boys state, attended congressional academy for history and civics, hundreds of hours of volunteer service reading to the elderly and attending to the bedridden at a hospital

    state champion in speech(4 years) and student congress(4 years) (individually at Class A)

    worked 15 hours a week at a restaurant last 2 years, now i'm managing the kitchen for lunch hours

    and some random other miscellany which no one really cares about (half asian american applicant from a lightly populated midwestern state)

    so, would I have a reasonable chance at admission, and would a year of college (assuming continued performance) affect that?

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    You would have a very well-rounded and competitive file. Please contact me through the West Point Admissions Website found in my signature and we'll talk in more detail.

    The bottom line about college is that it almost always helps an applicant. Almost 1/3 of all cadets applied more than once... many of those spent a year or more in college. Often times, those individuals make for better cadets because they are not trying to do three things at once like most kids right out of high school:

    Continue becoming a young man/woman
    Become a college student
    Become a cadet/Soldier

    The prior college applicant is a leg up on the first two, and maybe even the third if he/she did ROTC at the civilian college.

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