ESPN Crew from "First Take" to Visit

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    ESPN Crew from "First Take" to Visit the Academy
    From the Academy:

    On September 27, the ESPN crew from “First Take” will be on campus to determine the site location for a special Veteran’s Day honor and tribute at the USMMA. USMMA will be the remote location for the show “First Take” and airs live from the Academy on November 11, Veteran’s Day from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Midshipmen on campus that day will be part of the show’s audience and Rear Admiral Helis will be invited on the show for a ten minute appearance to explain the role and value of the academy with the on-air sports celebrities and hosts of the show. Last year the show was broadcast from the Air Force Academy.
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    Thank you Tankercaptain for posting this. I saw the announcement on Facebook yesterday. This should prove to be wonderful exposure for the academy and put it in a good light.

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