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    Don't try this at home. As discussed in past this type of first person writing requires a high level of talent. Gonna be a lot of copy cats now. Just thought folks would find in interesting with all the college app stuff going on civilian and Military.

    Don't know if this link will work I have issues, you can google Common app Essay wins place in 5 Ivy league colleges.

    Tried to find the Essay that was re-posted recently done by the young lady runner in the first perso
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    ^^^ yes! (I had to google it) One of the toughest things we had to practice with DS was tooting his own horn whether that was for essays or interviews. "Ma, that's bragging!" In a way he was right but you can practice ways to report your accomplishments without beating your chest at the same time. Have some finesse and humility without selling yourself short. A good essay doesn't have to be poetry. Keep in mind that yours might be the last essay your examiner reads that day and it may have been a bad day. Answer the question at hand. Make a point that addresses the question directly (i.e. I have proven leadership skills) and give a concrete example ( I started and coordinated/managed a snow shoveling service for the elder affairs office which abuts our campus.) A good essay has a very good outline. Tell me what you want me to know, say it, and then shut up.
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