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    I'm not too sure how this would all go down but I was wondering if anyone would know something on this topic. I am an ex USAFA cadet (left on my own accord, not for honor or academics. If you want to know more, PM me). I wanted to reapply to the academies, not necessarily just USAFA (I know the process for that one). I wanted to know how applying to the naval academy would go, would I apply just like any other candidate? Or would it be like USAFA and have a separate process where I would continue my training where I left off? I only ask this because I know that if I was still at USAFA as 3° and applied to the naval academy, I would start the next year where I left off.
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    Recommend using the Contact Admissions page on USNA.edu, and using the email form to ask your specific questions. You can call, but I think it best to ask specific questions that can be staffed to the right person.

    I believe you would be like any other non-high school candidate, presumably applying from college. You will have to have a clear and sensible summary of why you left and why you want to come back via another service academy. Going through the process again in a been-there/left it status will raise the bar for you in terms of interview questions.

    If you have shown continued diligence in challenging Academy-like coursework and other areas which shows you have maintained value as a candidate, it is possible. You would be a plebe. Don't rule out ROTC.

    Everything is possible. Good luck!
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    It'd be a tough but doable journey to gain acceptance to Navy after voluntarily leaving USAFA. Should you choose to apply and get accepted to Navy, you'd have to go through Plebe Summer and start over as a 4/c

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