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Discussion in 'Coast Guard Academy - USCGA' started by LivinTheDream, Sep 29, 2015.

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    Sep 17, 2015
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    Well, about as exciting having to move a piano, but its not going to get any senior members banned. At parents weekend, we toured the ship simulator. The Lt Commander in charge said starting with the 2016 graduates, all cadets will test and get a 100 gross ton master license. I'm not sure if you can move that up with Coast Guard Sea experience, but what says the salty ones? Is this something good? Still better than flying a drone?
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    Feb 15, 2014
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    I would call it an added bonus.

    Requirements For Master License
    Master of Vessels of Not More Than 100 Gross Registered Tons

    • 90 days service in the last 3 years on vessels of appropriate tonnage.
    • Near Coastal: 720 days of service steam, motor, or auxiliary sail vessels on ocean or near coastal waters (360 days inland is acceptable)
    • Great Lakes and Inland: 360 days service steam, motor, sail/aux. sail vessels including 90 days on Great Lakes waters
    • Inland: 360 days service steam, motor, aux. sail vessels on any waters
    • Rivers: 360 days service steam, motor, aux. sail vessels on any waters
    • Sailing Endorsement: Must submit evidence of 360 days of service on sail or auxiliary sail vessels (service obtained before license OK).
    • Towing Endorsement: Must request and pass towing endorsement examination or complete course.
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    Is this the same as CG Unlimited Engineer License? I thought all graduates got a license in either deck or engineering along with the ability to arrest!!!
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    I don't understand how CGA cadets will have the sea time for this (unless I'm very much confused on the requirements, which is entirely possible).

    I don't remember what KP grads get, but I was under the impression that the trimester format was in place so KPers get enough sea time.
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    Feb 14, 2015
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    I've talked to the Nautical Science teachers about this since they are the ones who set it up. They say that through the summer training and simulator time in class we graduate with our 100 ton.
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    My OPS is going through the 100 ton course right now, a two week course to get his license and he has 10 years in the Coast Guard. As someone who recently experienced Academy summers and has gone to the simulators more times than I can count, most recently a few months ago before we got underway, I just don't think the simulators cut it in terms of preparation. Sure, they help a little bit...but to substitute actual experience at sea with the simulators just seems like a stretch.

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