experiences at usmma


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Jan 29, 2008
Hi- im new. I have applied to USMMA and have an overnight visit scheduled for next week but I have unusual question. What is it like for girls at USMMA? I just wanted to here more about what people thought of the experience.
Thanks! :smile:
Welcome to the website. Unfortunately I don't think there are any female midshipmen from USMMA who post here. Your best bet is to talk to a wide range of females on your overnight. Talk to people from various classes, not just the plebes, and definately talk to some of the first class who have been to sea twice.
Caitmarie, I have a friend thats a girl, who got accepted, who personally knows another girl that is currently there. I will send you a personal message.
My daughter is considering USMMA but she is very concerned about the experience for women. We are also scheduling a visit, probably in April. I understand USMMA is much different from the other academies but I don't know in what way. Any comments are appreciated.