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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by NamD, Dec 31, 2010.

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    Hey all,
    i just recently got an email from my local congressional district coordinator about my interest in West Point as i applied for the SLS. He brought up the topic of extracurricular activities and since i only put ROTC as an activity in school, i feel as if this is not enough.
    Ive also worked at the Seattle's Union Gospel Mission helping to serve the homeless and feeding them. Ive also worked with Habitat for Humanity by assisting them in constructing homes for people with low incomes. Do these count as extracurricular? The application process didnt give me any room to put these in so i did not put these activities in. Also within ROTC, i am a platoon leader and have been sent to Leadership Academy (a week long program where only handpicked qualified cadets go to learn leadership and endure a mini-boot camp) as the first freshman of my unit's history. I am also going to be the Commander of my unit's Physical Fitness Team.
    So long story short, there is more to what ive done than what i put down in my application.
    Since ive applied to SLS with only ROTC as an extracurricular activity, should i be worried?
    cheers and happy new years!
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    When my daughter applied last year, she used the remarks portion to basically paste a condensed version of her resume. Did you use that section to your advantage? I think that may have helped her application to SLS. Good luck!
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    I don't have much experience with these things since I'm only a candidate, but I can explain how West point summarizes your extracurricular activities.

    When you are feeling out your file to apply to West Point they have a section called Candidate Activities Record in which you fill out all of your activities and then it gets verified by a counselor.

    When its completed it basically is just a list of things you have done during your school year and how long you were apart of them. This is a problem for people like you and me who may need to elaborate on what you have done because they only give you 150 characters to do so. I'm not in ROTC although so there may be extra room for data input. Not including sports this is the just of what they will see for my activities. They do have some categories like band, choir, etc. that I don't qualify for.

    Extracurricular Activities:
    Activity Years Participated
    Church Group Member 3
    Class President/Chairperson 1
    County, City, or State Government Awards 1
    Other Extracurricular Activities 4
    Other Scholastic Awards 3
    Publication Writer/Reporter/Staff 1
    School Club Officer 1
    School Club Representative 1
    Student Body Officer 2
    Student Body President/Chairperson 1
    Yearbook Writer/Reporter/Staff 1

    I hope this helped.
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    after you submit your Candidate Activities Record, you can contact the Admisssions Team through your portal and give them details and other extracurriculars that you couldn't fit in the CAR. The team will then add it to your file. Good luck!

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