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    Mar 6, 2017
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    I have a question for you all regarding extracurricular activities. Does admissions look more favorably upon the extracurricular activities list than the ones not listed?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Feb 5, 2017
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    Well, it's obviously easier for them to award points that way. When you write things in (the ones not listed) they have to choose what to give you. So it'd be better IMHO to try to get most on the list; if you have some really defining ones, obviously write them down. Furthermore, it's not about sheer number of extracurrivulars, its more about leadership and what you actually did in each activity. If you have something not on the list that you've done really well at and hold a leadership position in, it'd be better to write it down in the free response section.

    The issue is not necessarily that they are partial to the list they provided, but moreso that it's sort of a gamble to write things down because it's up to their discretion how many point to award for it.

    I'm just an applicant too by the way, so I have no real idea, that's just what I gather from it because it makes the most logical sense. I'm sure they just went in and said "what are the most popular clubs applicable to USMA" and then made a cookie cutter list. But they have the free response section, so they know that those aren't the only clubs.
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    IMHO, the list is a guide to help remind a candidate of things they may have done but don't always remember. I am thankful for the free space because there are other ways to achieve and demonstrate leadership than just the items on that list. In my DD's experience, she has attempted to obtain several of those positions on the list over the last 3 years of high school and has yet to win an election. Whether it be class president, secretary of XYZ club, etc.... the bottom line is that most of those positions come down to popularity contest in many schools. I have seen several "popular kids" be the president of lots of clubs at school and be spread so thin that they are ineffective leaders in those positions. Like many have said, it's about quality EC's not necessarily quantity. Good luck with you EC's.
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    As stated above the SAs want Quality over Quantity. They will be much more impressed with a shorter resume showing leadership and tenure in ECs vs a long list of all the clubs etc you joined in the past year. If you have an EC not on 'the list' try founding a shared interest club at your HS; that speaks volumes about your commitment and leadership.