Eye Exam


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Dec 30, 2007
I have scheduled my eye exam for next Tuesday and I am intrested in what will be done. I know there is a color vision test and the normal chart reading but what else? I'm intrested primarily in if I should make arrangement for my mom to take me (IE if they'll dialate my eyes and I won't be able to drive) and if I will be okay to do my CFA about 2 hours later.

thanks for the help
you should be fine. I had my eye exam early this summer.
First I went into a room with a nurse and she had me look into this machine while she twisted some knobs and such. She then had me look at this weird book for the color blindness test and all you have to do is say which numbers you see. Then a waited awhile and the doctor came in. He had me sit in the weird chair contraption and look into a series of lens ("tell me which lens you can see better through, this one...or that one) after that he had me do that thing where you look at the letters on the wall that get smaller and smaller. That was it.
There is NO dilation. You will be able to take your CFA. Good luck:thumb:
I had my eye exam today, no eye troubles (just some traffic and locating issues) they did actually say they were gonna dialate my eyes but I said I had been told they wouldn't and they informed me I didn't have to have it done.
thanks so much for help, very glad I didn't have to drive home like that!