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    I really need some answers with this one! My oldest son is a reapplicant to USNA and USMA. We received his Dod form requesting any updated medical info and his health status. There were no changes from last year--he was medically qualified for both SA's no questions asked. We filled out the form letting Dod know that he had his routine physical and dental check up before leaving for college and that his physician and dentist gave him a clean bill of health. Today, we received his Dod status USMA-qualified, USNA--remedial requested.
    On the back of the letter, item 9 states that he is medically qualified to enter USNA but that if his uncorrected visual acuity is worse than 20/40 USNA is limited by the Chief of . . . etc etc etc. This kid has perfect vision. At least according to his doc he does. We're a little confused--Does Dod just want another eye exam? Last year his eye exam was fine, although the Dr.'s office forgot to do the color-blind test and he had to go back and do it. Yet, once it was completed and faxed in he was qualified. Any input or insight will be greatly appreciated. Thanks:confused:
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