Eye Surgery


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Aug 24, 2006
Son has just received an LOA from USMMA (I did not even know USMMA issued LOA's). During a phone call to dodmerb son found out he is being issued a medical waiver for his eyesight. Does anyone know if USMMA offers corrective eye surgery after 2c year like USNA does? Or how USMMA determines who can get the surgery if they do offer it?
svdbygrace-congratulations to your son. I asked a similiar question. Please see the thread "You guys should get paid".
Quick answer for the eye surgery:

KP does not offer PRK/LASIK to midshipmen like the other Academies.

for a more detailed answer check out the thread that cga82 mentioned. Congrats to your son!!
Don't worry, nobody in their right mind would look under a thread titled "you guys should get paid" for advice on eye surgery. We go off on random tangents here sometimes :)