Eyeglass straps


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Feb 10, 2012
Morning. One last item my DS needs for inprocessing is eyeglass straps. Do they need to be tight to the head or can strap hang? DS never wears glasses, so we are in unknown territory here. Any recommendations?
They suggest the strap be tight to the head so it doesn't catch on anything during BCT. That's what I bought for my son even tho he only wears his glasses sometimes in class.
Is it that your DS has glasses but just doesn't wear them or has never needed glasses?

Either way, if he doesn't need them for activities such as PT, sports, physical "training", I'm not sure I would worry about it. But, tight fitting ones might be best. Current cadets can probably provide a better answer.
He normally wears contacts. Dislikes wearing the glasses, but he is 'practicing' wearing them. He recognizes they slip when he's working out and the straps we bought don't seem to help much. They are more like the type for sunglasses made to drop off the nose when not needed. I was wondering what previous cadets liked/wore/preferred. Tight to the head does make sense for BCT, especially 2nd Beast...thanks for the reply.
He normally wears contacts. Dislikes wearing the glasses, but he is 'practicing' wearing them.

He won't have a choice during basic. He will be issued BC glasses to wear. No contacts until just before A-Day.
The ones I wore weren't that tight. The glasses fit pretty well with the face to begin with so I didn't see the strap as super necessary. I abandoned wearing my glasses for large parts of 2nd BCT, mostly because I got sick of cleaning them after courses.
I was in a similar boat to your DS. I bought an adjustable strap that could be made to be tight or loose. However, similar to blahu, I hated wearing them, and ended up only wearing them for academic presentations during first beast and not at all during second beast. Obviously this would depend on how comfortable you are seeing without them, but he can take them off when exercising, or for that matter any time he doesn't want them on.
Thanks for the replies. I will let DS know. I assume the issued glasses are sturdy?
Not designer frames however

Many years ago, the eyewear was called "BCG's" or Birth Control Glasses, for obvious reasons.