So from what I read I understand around the top 10% of a class receive a fighter slot, with the next 10% being assigned as FAIPs. How long will these pilots be instructors for? Along with this, being relatively high in the class, will they receive good drops into fighters/bombers or an aircraft of their choice?


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It's a bit more complex than that, but a FAIP assignment is usually around 3 years, and yes, they often get a desired follow-on assignment (although the needs of the Air Force still apply).


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Assignments at the end of UPT vary drastically from class to class, so there isn’t an exact percentage of who gets what.

I would suggest searching for recent drop night posts with their assignment sheets to get an idea of who gets what. I think one class had around 70% of their T-38 track receive FAIP.

In the end, the beauty is serving in the required capacity and not always the desired one.