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    I've heard of Falcon Foundation scholarships on here, but I haven't been able to find much information on them; what little information I have found has been vague.

    Can someone tell me what this is, how it works, how to attain one if at all possible, etc.?

    Thanks in advance for any help! :D
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    The Falcon Foundation scholarships are similar to the USAFA Prep School, except for a few things. The student is awarded $5000 towards the extra year of school, which covers a good bit, but not the entire cost of the school. In the past there have been 5 schools for the Falcons to choose from: MMI, NMMI, Northwest Prep, Valley Forge and Wentworth.

    You are automatically considered if you said you would consider a year of prep school during your ALO interview. It is considered an excellent opportunity to earn an appointment for the following year's class. The quote from admissions to my son, "Go do your prep program and do well. We will see you next year". This is why it is referred to as a golden ticket. Please note that if you do not fulfill your obligations you will not get appointed.

    There are roughly 100 scholarships awarded a year and it is first come first served, so if you do receive one it is very important to reply quickly.

    Please feel free to ask if you have further questions. My son is currently "living the dream" and he was a Falcon Scholar himself.
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    Falcon Scholars come from that candidate pool that were fully qualified with a nomination but not enough vacancies. Admissions selects the approximately 100 kids for the scholarship and then passes those names onto the Falcon Foundation.

    The 3 major requirements for an appointment to the next year's class are no grades below a "C" during your prep year, pass the CFA again and secure another nomination. The Falcon offer from the Director of Admissions says "Virtually all who sucessfully complete this program are admitted to the Air Force Academy." I believe about 98% historically receive appointments. I know that NMMI had 11 Falcons report this year but 2 left during the first few weeks after arrival.

    When the Falcons at NMMI were presented their scholarships and Falcon pin by the President of the Falcon Foundation and Director of AFA Admissions, they were told the appointment is yours (pause), and yours to lose.

    In addition to the 5 schools previously mentioned, I think I read that 3 additional schools have been added for next year.

    Falcons appear to do well at AFA as well as in their AF careers. Numerous Falcons have reached General officer rank. The F-22 demonstration pilot at Langley is a Falcon that went to NWP.
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    Everyone here gave you a really good synopsis. Here's the thing I would say: if you get it and you truly want to get into USAFA and be an officer in the USAF, this is an amazing opportunity. And for me, it helped so much in learning what college is really like, speaking academically.
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    My son received one last year and attended NWP and honestly, it was the best preparation for USAFA anyone could have. Obviously nothing will prepare you for everything BCT and the 1st year throws at you, but it's pretty close. Another excellent plus is that you will have immediate friends and their support that you met at Prep School when you enter USAFA. To have that is worth more than you'll know.

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