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    Hello Everyone,
    I just received an email from USNA requesting my transcripts from my fall semester. I was extremely overworked this semester because of the program I am in (dual enrollment in high school and college). I was taking the equivalent of 26 credit hours this semester and my grades took a bit of a hit. I usually get As and Bs (at one of the best academic programs in the nation, currently ranked 21st) but this semester I have 2 Cs and 2 C+s. How much is this going to hurt me? Will this disqualify me academically? Will they understand the grade hits because of the amount and difficulty of the courses? I apologize for all the questions I just feel like all of my chances have been blown because of this one semester. Thanks.
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    No one knows the answer to these questions. All you can do is send them in and let the cards fall where they may. Remember USNA will look at your course load and your school profile before making a full assessment. You can't change the past, but only influence the future. At USNA you will take 21-22 hours sometimes. USNA wants to know you can handle rigor at that level and succeed. Are C's bad? I wouldn't call them bad, but not good either. Depends what they are in too. I doubt it disqualifies you, but it might not help either. Just focus on what you can influence, finish senior year strong and make sure B and C are ready to go.

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