Fat Package..


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Jul 17, 2006
So how many of you received a fat package yesterday from USAFA?

It did make my son's heart skip, it wasn't an LOA. But it is something from Air Force!
i got 2 of them for some reason. my mailbox was about to burst open.
I read this quickly and my first reaction was that the AF was sending something specific for overweight candidates! :eek: LOL!
As long as it isn't that body fat calculation worksheet stuff we read about in some other posting, I guess it's okay!!!

AFDAD - you gave me a good laugh!! I needed that today!
So, what forms/info did it contain? From what I've heard, they are doing apps. differently this year.
mine had the new catalog and a short letter to go with it. apps are all online this year.
Definitely read that catalog! There is a lot of usefull information in there...I'd skip some of the majors information though, unless you are interested.