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    Are we allowed to fax test scores?
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    I'm not sure if you are having the same problem that my DD has been having, but just in case you or others are, I am posting her experience and how we are getting it resolved.

    My DD's coach is becoming very frustrated because she has been unable to submit scores through the system. As soon as she received the system-generated email request, she followed the directions and submitted an LOR within a couple days. Because she "Submitted" she was then locked out of the system.

    We then assumed she would receive a second email with instructions for submitting the PFE scores, but she never did. I asked her to review the email to see if she possibly overlooked instructions for submitting the scores, but she insisted she did not. Also, she could not get back into the sytsem to see if she possibly had overlooked any links she could have used to submit the scores. She was becoming very frustrated and my DD and I felt like we were becoming pests with all our questions, but without being able to see the email ourselves or even really understanding how the process worked, we just didn't know how to move it along.

    Finally, I sent OBJEE a private message and he forwarded it on to Admissions. A very helpful LT CDR explained to me what the issue was and unlocked the coach from the system, so she could access it again to submit the scores.

    The confusion stems from the fact that the system-generated email to the coach only provides directions for submitting an LOR and does not clearly state that PFE Administrators will use the same link to submit PFE scores. Combine that with the fact that many of these coaches are not overly computer proficient (because they are not desk jockeys), and it can be very confusing for them.

    The LT CDR gave me some very specific instructions over the phone to try to help the coach better navigate the system. If you provide these additional instructions to your coach, it may help them get the scores submitted:

    PFE Administrators:

    The applicant may ask you to submit both a letter of recommendation and PFE scores or just the PFE scores. Please follow these instructions:

    • Click on "Personal Information" from the right-side navigation links. This will take you to a page that asks for some personal information about the applicant and some personal information about the PFE Administrator. Below that, the last question asks "Which recommendation are you submitting?" The answer to this question will be different depending on whether you are submitting an LOR or PFE Scores.
    • To submit an LOR, make sure the answer to this question is “Personal Reference” and then continue to upload the document.
    • To submit PFE Scores, make sure the answer to this question is "PFE Administrator". Then when you click "Continue" (or maybe the prompt is "Next"), you will be transferred to a screen where you can submit the PFE scores.
    • It doesn't matter which you submit first -- LOR or PFE Scores -- but you will only be able to submit one at a time. To get back to this screen to submit one or the other, you simply click on "Personal Information" from the right-side navigation links again and change the answer accordingly.
    • After you have uploaded your LOR and/or your PFE scores, you can click the final “Submit” button. Both the scores and the LOR will be attached to the applicant's profile.
    • PLEASE NOTE: Once you click the final “Submit” button, you will be locked out of the system. Do NOT click the final “Submit” button if you have not completely uploaded your LOR and/or your PFE scores.

    Hope this helps anyone who may be having the same issue.
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    Because I'm guessing you'll shoot emails back and forth with a lieutenant commander in the future, just a heads up.... LCDR is cool (and how they write it in the Coast Guard). Lt. Cmdr. is cool (and correct per AP Style). I wouldn't say the hybrid "LT CDR" isn't cool, it just isn't 100% correct.

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    And they can get a little... grumpy when it is used incorrectly :wink::wink:
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    If you're a guidance counselor, the answer is yes...transcripts and ACT/SAT scores may be reported to the Academy via fax, but we prefer receiving them electronically via the online recommendation system or e-mail to Admissions(at)uscga.edu. If you're an applicant, you should e-mail new ACT/SAT scores to your Admissions Officer for inclusion in your record, but understand they will be considered self-reported (unofficial) until received either directly from the testing agency or your high school.

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