February Academy Experience


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Feb 2, 2009
Wondering if anyone else here is heading to Academy Experience this week?
Do we need a sleeping bag? or are cots provided? Does anyone know?
See you there.
Objee, is this the new, PC name for Beansprouting?

Cots are provided, bring a sleeping bag if your like (as most cadets sleep in sleeping bags, or at least that's how we did it pre-comforters). I remember sleeping on the deck (floor) as a Beansprout, and let me tell you, Chase Hall decks are NOT the most comfortable places to sleep.:thumbdown:
Thanx lineinthe sand. I believe this is the new name for beasprouting.
they're here.......

and we still call them beansprouts, command calls them cadet canidates or something else now
I'm the beansprout who was with golf company- the one from Kentucky with long lacrosse player style hair.

It was pretty awesome, I'm really glad I went because it pushed me off the fence and onto the academy side.
Objee, is this the new, PC name for Beansprouting?

"Beansprout" has been dying a slow death over the last few years...it's officially the "Cadet for a Day" program in the fall and the "Academy Experience" program in the spring with the participants being called Cadet Candidates.