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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by Roadking, Feb 29, 2012.

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    Jan 26, 2012
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    My DS raised his ACT math from 24 to 28 giving him the following superscore:
    Math- 28
    English- 33
    Reading- 33
    Science- 30
    Writng- 29 (8)
    Composite- 31

    He has been accepted to SLS week one, and has been notified by the local American Legion post that he has been selected for Boys State. He has leadership and volunteer experience, as well as a 3 year work history. He is also a recruited athlete and has verbally committed (He knows he must be 3QD and secure a nomination. He also knows there is no letter of intent signings at Service Academies).

    My question is this...are his ACT scores adequate? Between his ACT tutor and his AP Chemistry tutor I am spending $900 per month on tutors. Should he keep going on both or just concentrate on AP Chemistry? We have discussed maybe re-starting the ACT tutor in early September, aiming at the October 27th test. This break could give him a better chance at raising his Chemistry grade. Thoughts? Thanks!
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    Outstanding. Your DS should be very proud. Great scores. Based on this profile, I would have him try to get his Math above a 30. A 28 is very good, but it looks like a higher Math would help. Good luck!
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    Give him a break from the ACT Prep. His scores are good for the time being. Eventually, he's going to want to raise the math score to a 30 in order to be solid. However, I would concentrate on AP Chem. You can go fix the ACT next year, but you can't really fix a bad AP exam score.

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