February ACT


Nov 29, 2016
Does West Point accept February ACT scores? The next one is Feb. 11 but it takes 2-8 weeks for the scores to be released and the deadline for USMA is Feb. 26
I emailed my RC and he told me that the February ACT will be on time if they are released on February 22nd. However, if you take the writing portion, the scores take longer to process. If you already have writing on file, I would only take multiple choice if that's what you're striving to improve in.
I am taking the one with writing. So if the scores don't reach USMA by Feb 26 then it won't count?
I can't say it with certainty but my RC says I can take it if it arrives before the February 28th deadline. You should ask your RC to make sure too. It seemed as if it wouldn't be counted after the deadline...
I know USNA superscores and mixes between SAT and ACT but I am not entirely sure how USMA takes SAT and ACT... Anyone else have a say on this? I apologize for the insufficient answer.