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Sep 16, 2017
Hello everyone,
I just started my junior year with my goal set on receiving an appointment at one of the academies (preferably USNA). I am looking for new ways to improve my chances of success, and feedback. Currently I am involved in a plethora of extra-curriculars: Civil Air Patrol, AFJROTC, Key Club, French Club, Academic Team, Interact club (service), Cyberpatriot, Academic Team, Debate Club, Honor guard , Summer Swimming and tennis programs, National Honors Society, and French National Honors Society. In addition, I am on the varsity swim team, varsity cross country team, and junior varsity tennis team. Within Civil Air Patrol, I hold a leadership position as first sergeant and will soon promote to a cadet officer. In AFJROTC, I am the leading officer of my class and will most likely become the cadet group commander next year. I am the recipient of the Military Officers Association Award and the Air Commando Association Award, as well as other outstanding leadership awards. My community service is outstanding at an accumulation of over 150 service hours (3750% more than the account required to graduate in my state). Academically I engage myself in many AP courses: Calculus, English language, European History, and American History. My GPA is 4.033 and is currently improving to a 4.2. The other week I took a practice CFA and scored:
MILE: 5:43
I am satisfied but improving in all aspects (especially the basketball throw and shuttle run). This summer I plan on attending USNA's Summer Seminar after taking the ACT and SAT for the first time this fall. If you have any ways that I could further improve my chances please let me know, I would greatly appreciate the feedback.
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Hey man, good for you, and welcome! Always nice to see new people.

The only advice that I can give you is to try to do well in your AP courses, and perhaps try out for another leadership positions- like in Debate or Key Club. Not playing down your current accomplishments, obviously, just my 2 cents.

You look very prepared, I give you best of luck in attending USNA. :)