Females at the academy!


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Feb 1, 2009
At the risk of being too curious..
Is there anyone who can give me an inside perspective of what life at the academy is like for a female?
Especially during plebe summer.
I understand that they are not treated differently from the males... but i've heard that they are even treated worse by the males.. is this fiction or fact? or partially true?
Not a female here, but a Grad.
I think the best way to answer your question would be for you to speak with current female midshipmen or Grads, in person or PM. As this forum is in large part manned by candidates and parents, this would not be a great primary resource for that question. Your question is very specific and needs a certain background to answer. MOST of the members here could not fit your requirements. Even if I was female, my USNA experiences in the 80's need not be applicable for the class of 2013. I think you would be best served by someone more current. Your BGO should be able to give you some references.
A GREAT way to find an answer would be to attend a Candidate Weekend. Have you completed the CFA, yet?
I'm waiting for school on Tuesday to do the CFA. My JROTC instructor is conducting my CFA for me and I have a pretty good feeling I will pass..