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Jun 8, 2006
Guys, I need some help. Awhile back I was given information for a Field Force member I believe it was here in Southern Illinois. I've emailled this person a few times, but never have gotten a response. I'll have to look, but I believe that is all I have is an email address.

Anyway, so I was talking to a leader of mine thru Scouts who attended the Naval Academy and he talked about their Blue and Gold people and how important getting that person to like you could be, etc.

What should I do? I need to get busy on that end as well. I've contacted both Senators and my Representative at this point. Also, I'm opened a file at West Point and have since received my medical forms that I have to take care of here soon.

Is getting ahold of that person THAT important? Or would I be just fine doing it without him or her?

Any help is great, thanks.
hops scout, Contact WP admissions and get his phone number. Try to contact him one more time. Maybe also, try an email again. Some like to try to let the candidates show initiative by figuring everything out on their own. If you make contact and it seems that this person is one of those, back off. You can complete the application by yourself without his help and, no, it is not important that he like you. It is somewhat unfair but you could be playing a game without knowing the rules. However, if your above email reflects the quality of the email you sent to him he may have just sent it to the recycle bin. Good luck.
You certainly don't need him. They are useful if you are making a decision whether to apply and they can put you in touch with current cadets, etc.
I am sure there are several within your general area. USMA may be able to put you in touch with another.
Field Force representatives are volunteers trying to help out their alma mater. Like everyone in life, they may be busy one week and not the other. My son's Field Force representative was absolutely fabulous and did all kind of things to help my son. On the other hand, the Navy Blue and Gold officer assigned to my son was no help to my son and almost impossible to get in touch with. Give your Field Force representative another call and keep following up. My experience is they can make a difference with nominations and the Admissions Office.
Alright, I contacted one out of St. Louis and he was able to help me out. He's closer to me than the other guy I had been contacting so I think I'm set now:)