Final Senior grades and high school diploma


Dec 5, 2016
If I get accepted into USAFA, since I'm living abroad, the final senior exams I take in June for Universities here. The results of these exams are not available until late August, by then I would have been a plebe at the academy for more than two months.
Do I need to give them my High school diploma at any stage?
My question is, come August, will I have to give them these results if I have already been offered an appointment?
Similar response here as you received on the USNA forum. Contact your admissions counselor. I know that even some stateside high schools do not finish and post final grades until mid to late June. Admissions knows and understands this. But you must communicate with them directly about the nuances of your school, as should your high school counselor.

Best of luck.
Technically, you do not need to be a high school graduate. The requirements do not list this need. Plus, as an ALO, we understood this point. However, it is the prime route and typical expectation that you will/have completed high school. Thus, I would let the Academy know as you work through the application process. Good luck!
High Schools in my area of the US do not finish till mid June, only a few weeks before I day. It takes my DS school way more than a few weeks to finalize transcripts, so the SA would not get final grades and confirmation of graduation until end of July - August. This will not be the first time the SA has to deal with this type of situation. Get you advise / path forward from them.
USAFA will want final transcript but the timing will not be an issue. My DS was in similar situation. He submitted his final transcript in August after Acceptance Day.