finally qualified!!!! (a positive dodmerb story)


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Jun 12, 2006
i was originally dq'ed for a perforated eardrum, but had surgery to fix it. I sent in my medical records showing the process of from the doctor citing the hole to giving the thumbs up about 3 weeks ago. today i was about to call to make sure they had recieved it, and if i sent them what they needed, but was pleasantly surprised to see my status on my dodmerb page to be qualified!

so for all of the dodmerb troubles people talk and worry about, heres one that goes to show it can actually be a pleasant, problem-free experience:smile:
More info please...

Were you officially DQ'd originally, complete with the "thanks for trying" letter, and then you got it over-turned? Or were you just in a Remedial status, while they waited for your additional Rx paperwork?

Either way, congrats. My son is in the official DQ hole, and hopefully your story will keep his spirts up.
Im not sure. online i had a DQ and some R codes, but the letters i got were the sorry thanks for trying type.

Good luck to your son, hopefully he can get it all worked out.
My deepest thanks to RetNavyHM

Thank you for all your advice. S was cleared for both CGA and AFA.

So the rest is up to admissions boards and god.

Thanks again