First Care Package


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Jun 12, 2006
for those that have been through it, what did you send to your swab that was helpful to them? so far im asking for...

Bleach pens
Lint Rollers
Spray on Sunscreen

anything else i can add to this list that will make my life easier over the summer?

also, since the listserv wont give a definitive answere on this, is it very helpful to recieve extra socks, white shirts, white underwear to cut down on laundry loads?
Your list so far is a good one, especially the bleach pen and the lint rollers. We didn't send any extra underwear, socks or t-shirts. The supply sent was quite adequate. If I remember correctly, he did all his laundry once a week.

When the cadre come in and throw everything out of your drawers and you have to refold everything, you will be happy that you don't have anymore clothing than you were advised to bring. Obviously you should do whatever you want to, but they do tell you what you need as far as clothing, and I would suggest that you stick with their guidelines. The cadets are rushed with everything and when someone is standing over you screaming at you, won't you be glad you have the minimal amount of clothes to fold and put away instead of 3 extra t-shirts and 5 extra pairs of underwear? Especially since it not only has to be folded, it has to line up perfectly in the drawer...

I think the best advice for care packages is to send things that cadet will miss the most from home, like mom's chocolate chip cookies or stuff like that. It is a great feeling for cadets as they are making new friends to have snacks to share, so send a whole "pan" of brownies, and not just a dozen.

Hope that helps!
Other good items:


Beef Jerky

Energy bars

Tuna fish

Powdered drink mix for your water bottle

Good luck and see you next Monday!
tbanks for the ideas. i found out today that those flat rate boxes are bottomless! i fit way more stuff in there than i thought i would be able to. storage space shouldnt be an issue as long as it all fits in the box right?