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Hello, although going to USAFA is a important dream of mine, one thing scares me. And that is-will I have time to continue working on my physique while I’m there. I know, sounds a little selfish, but I’ve been into bodybuilding and have been going to the gym faithfully for years now and I’m just wondering if I can continue to do so while at USAFA. I know they enforce fitness, but it’s just not in the same domain as muscle building lifting. Also, with only 3 meals being served a day, do you get enough protein? This leads me to my next question-Are you allowed to have a protein supplement with you? Any cadets out there who are into bodybuilding that can answer my questions would be much, much appreciated.


You may not have much time for bodybuilding in your first year because of all the PT and schoolwork, but after that, there will be plenty of time for you to continue working on your physique. You can eat as much as you want during the three meals and you can also have protein supplements if you want. (I got this info from my brother who is a cadet there).


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Short answer, yes.

The main factors as other have stated us just the amount of time. I know some individuals who hit the gym every day they don't have training (about 5 days a week). One of the most important things is the will to do it, which you seem to have. There is a whole group that goes when the gym opens at 0500, others go between classes, and some go at 10 at night.

In terms of food, even though only 3 meals are served a day, you can have as much or as little as you want. You can always package it up for later if you wish. And yes, I would say about 1/3 of cadets have some form of supplements in there rooms.

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The USAFA Power lifting and Body Building clubs do not typically have limited on-season status. LOS is a category that would excuse you from the every other day intramural program. After your 4* year, one option that likely still has LOS is to become a weight room CIC (cadet in charge).

Intramurals run for a few weeks in the semester. Outside of that, you typically have time, but there may be training activity that you are expected to be at if you do not have another form of excused absence. It is typically not recommended to be the person who does their own thing and miss this activity. However, there is a fine line between "expected" and "required" - your experience will vary, but the net take away here is that there are other people in your situation, who have similar time constraints, and still find the opportunity to get their workout in.