fitness scores

AROTC required you to take part of the Presidental Fitness test. Sit ups, pushups and a run. similar but not exactly the APFT.
I can't remember exactly - but I think the test is 1 min pushups, 1 min situps and a 1 mile run.
Many times as a part of the interview you will be given the APFT as well - this is not officially a part of the application - unless they have changed it this year.
I have applied for an AROTC scholarship this year and I took my PFT seperate from my interview and it is a requirement this year. Also, when I took it, the instructor gave me a choice of pull ups or push ups because they use the Presidential Fitness Test format, where you can choose either/or
I was never given the APFT at my interview/nor did I take the Presidents fitness challenge but it might be good to take it any way because that is what you will need to pass in order to contract.

APFT Standards:
Push-up- 42 in 2min
sit-ups-53 in 2min
2mile run in 15:53 or better

Also BMI must be 20 %or under if over height weight standards.