Flight Physical, Inhaler Question

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by DrSeuss27, May 4, 2016.

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    I had a really bad cough after coming back from Field Training and went to the local Walgreens outpatient center. They thought I had bronchitis/pneumonia and prescribed me some meds, one of which was an inhaler to help clear things up. I have never had asthma or allergies and this was a one time thing. I used it for a couple days and then stopped. I was wondering if this is going to be a problem during my upcoming flight physical?
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    You should be fine but check the AFI's.

    In regards to the physical itself, just shut up and go through the motions. Don't tell them any more info than they need to know.
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    Exactly this! If they don't ask do not tell them!
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    "they thought you had pneumonia/bronchitis" which means it does not sound like you had an X-ray? So this should not come up in the physical, but even if you fill out a health history, it still shouldn't be a problem. there really isn't a direct question this would fall under. This would fall under a minor illness which is not a direct question on the questionaire. Which asks if there are any other times you went to the doctor, sought medical treatment, etc other than a minor illness. I can guarantee there is no way that anyone can list every time you consulted a doctor and it was a simple item like a sinus infection or treated for somesort of unknown upper respiratory infection that had with no further complications. Also, there is not a way to list every medication you took for a few days over the last 18 plus years. Had you had a chest X-ray, that would fall under, "have you ever had an X-ray?", then they would want to know the results and treatment. The medication questions asks for medications you have taken regularly. So I honestly do not know if this actually will come up. Just answer the questions honestly and if it does not come up, then it would fall under minor illness. This is only my opinion, you have to follow your conscience, but as mentioned above, only address what you are asked.

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