Flight Physical


Feb 18, 2016
I had a quick question regarding the Flight Physical. I am scheduled to go get my Flight Physical done in like 2 months for RPA. I saw on an older thread something about cavities being a DQ. The reason why I ask is because I have my regular teeth cleaning at my dentist this summer. However, should I go before or will this not affect me? Sorry I know I'm probably worrying too much but it would be a stupid reason to be DQ. If anyone has any information on this topic it would be greatly appreciated.
Wont affect you, I have one that was fixed years ago and they didn't care. I also have a wisdom tooth that has erupted half way and all they did was make a note and that I was an "elective removal" and didn't need it removed. The worst news I heard of coming from the dentist was that someone had to get their wisdom teeth removed within a certain number of months. So go to the dentist and take care of those teeth! haha