Flying Alone


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I am flying from Michigan alone and staying in an AirBnb, the academy specifically states that airbnb expenses will not be reimbursed but I am staying right next to the academy for $30 and the hosts offered to not only pick me up from the airport but also drive me to the academy in the morning (they knew uber and lyft had a hard time getting past the gate before I even mentioned it).


A lot of us monitor this site and will be checking it around I Day, especially the day before. If you get in a jam, some current sponsors would be available for last minute ‘rescues’, me included. Sad that the Bed & Breakfast is not available this year... AOG needs to coordinate with the sponsor program on the other side as we all have attended training sessions and completed background checks... should be easy to alleviate liability problems... oh well!
We made last minute reservations at the Econo Lodge. He has rides, but considering he will just sleep there, will it be ok? It looks adequate, but...?
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The AFA appointee booklet specifically states "do not use Lyft or Uber; they are not guaranteed entrance to the Academy." There is a phone number to Yellow Cab company given that has pre-approved access onto USAFA. Make sure your DS looks at page 14 of the appointee booklet prior to I-day to avoid any unnecessary stress or problems.
Thanks! Missed that.


Thought this subject would be a great softball for Pima to hit out of the park ....While there is a lot of assistance available....appointees are about to be in a unique position to be responsible for a lot of things... this initial ‘task’ is no different... appointee packets and instructions are there to be followed...including arriving in the area, reporting time and early time mark suggestion and from another thread, luggage vs Backpack... all of which have been covered in the materials as well as incessantly on SAF...better get in the habit now of getting YOURSELF squared away on your own initiative...Cadre are not mom & dad or even those of us here on are nervous, that’s understandable, but prepare yourself to be successful!