Football injury impact to admission process

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    My son completed his application in full 2 weeks ago. He has been deemed to be competitve. He received a perfect score at the Summer Seminar, 3.9 GPA, captain of three varsity sports. We believe he has secured a nomination. He received his qualified medical status a week ago. Last weekend he injured his shoulder playing football, a torn Labrum. Surgery is tentatively schedule in 1 week. Surgeon is telling us he will be 100% by or before 4/1, start of his lacrosse season. How does this effect his application process once he notifies DoDMERB, which we will be doing Monday, and does this reduce his chances of getting accepted. What is the process and what happens. Thank you
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    From the USCGA Applicant handbook:

    Note 2: Physical qualification for Academy entrance is
    based on the assumption that your Department of Defense
    Medical Examination reflects your true medical status. You
    can ensure this by IMMEDIATELY reporting any change
    in your medical status (injury, physical or mental illness or
    diagnosis of a new condition to DODMERB at 719-333-
    3562, after you have finished your examination.

    Anecdotal evidence would suggest that as long as he has 100% complete medical clearance from his doctor as of the date you state, it should not affect his appointment competitiveness.

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