For Connecticut Residents


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Feb 20, 2016
Came across this today. Fysa.

For members who claim the State of Connecticut as their legal residence and are claiming exempt status for Connecticut State Income Tax Withholding (SITW), the State of Connecticut requires that members recertify their exemption status by February 15 of each year. Members must recertify by filling out an exemption certificate or CT-W4 form (Connecticut Employee's Withholding or Exemption Certificate) and submitting the form to their command. If the member does not recertify by February 15, SITW will automatically be deducted at the single and no exemption rate effective March 1. Members are not entitled to retroactive exemption credit for the month(s) that SITW was deducted.
Good Post. We have gone through this for a few years. Those States with income tax may have a military exemption. There may also be local exemptions for personal property tax (car). Check their tax portals and look up military. In Ct I think it requires a form signed by an OIC which can be printed out from the site. They always try to get their pound of flesh.