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    Has anyone heard when if/when there will be another wave of appointments going out? I have contacted a few other people that received a nomination from the same congressman and only one had received an appointment (there are two going out) and the rest of our portals have not been updated. For those of you in the same boat, where are you from and if you wouldn't mind sharing some of your application? Hopefully we all hear good news soon :)

    Female from Colorado with a Congressional nomination
    ACT: 29 English, 30 Math, 25 science (yikes), 32 reading
    GPA: 3.61 unweighted (5 AP, 8 honors classes)... Usafa refigured it but won't tell me what it is now... I'm ranked 80 or so of 500 at competitive school
    Other: State ranked equestrian, varsity track, NHS, Girls' State, Secretary of Students United in Politics, orchestra, a load of volunteer work

    Also, what do you all know about getting into prep or Falcon Scholarships? Thanks again!

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