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    Just a question or two-

    I know that USMMA graduates who sail commercially must do so on US-flagged ships for at least 5 years, yes? This would be in satisfaction of their service obligation. I was wondering if many choose to work on foreign-flagged ships after this time. As many have said or alluded on this forum, there seems to be a reduction in the size of US-flagged fleet, so are there many avenues to use the US Merchant Marine License on foreign vessels?

    I remember reading of one USMMA graduate who sailed as a Chief Officer for Cunard, so I guess it is possible (he now writes articles for Porthole magazine). I'm a fan of the cruising industry, and through several other forum posts I've asked about opportunities for US mariners there. The answer seems to be that it is possible, but not necessarily all that common. Does anyone forsee an increase in post-commitment USMMA guys being recruited by foreign lines? Not just cruise lines either. If so, this would be just one other thing to consider for people looking to have a maritime career.

    I guess state maritime academy graduates can work for foreign-flagged companies right after graduation. Does anyone know if they are recruited to do so with any sort of regularity?

    Perhaps this is better put in an off-topic forum (maybe a mod will do that for me if they think it appropriate). It certainly is interesting to me. I really do wonder how common it is for US mariners to head to foreign ships, and if the trend will rise in the coming years.

    I'm a land-lubber, so I'd like to hear from seasoned industry professionals.

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