forgot what it was like to be in the military....

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    It's been 18yrs since I was a Navy wife. And boy did I forget the fingerpointing beaurcracy...

    Called USNA today to inquire about DS's missing dobmerb. RD admits he "must have fallen thru the cracks" and tells me to call DOBMERB. I reminded her that her instructions a month ago were that USNA is supposed to requests dobmerb once his app is 50%.

    Call DOBMERB - they chuckle when I explain my reason for calling and explain to me that the onus is on USNA to request DS's medical record. (and, no, it has not been done yet). Nice lady at DOBMERB is very sympathetic with me and tells me to have USNA call DOBMERB if they have any questions. As apparently USNA doesn't know how the process works <chuckle, chuckle>

    Call USNA back - get RD's voicemail. <Face Palm!> Left detailed message... will follow up in the morning if I don't hear back.

    So glad DS will be the one dealing with this in the long run and not me..... I had blocked those memories out. :)

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