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    Hi all, My DS sent me a letter from CBT and asked me to find out how many 341 forms they can get before they are kicked out. He has three already and is a little stressed. Does anyone know how many of these can can have before things get serious for them?
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    Don't get too worked up about this. Form 341's are meant to document exceptions during training. They can be negative or positive, but generally are given for the former. It can happen for any number of things, i.e., not making their beds correctly, so it all depends on what they were issued for. However, these things can stay in a cadet's file and a pattern of negative findings from Form 341's, and Form 10's could factor into future decisions by cadet leadership regarding the cadet. Sent you a PM, but as I said don't lose too much sleep over this, just encourage your DS to take it a day at a time and if he does not understand why he is getting corrections, he can ask his cadre for a clarification on what he needs to do.

    Best of luck!
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    Don't worry about it too much. Sometimes 341s fall like rain for a little while.
    They are simply a record to document things. If a basic is a GIANT screw up, the cadre can use them to say, "look, it's a pattern." That said, I've never seen someone washed out of BCT unless they also wanted out (or medical).
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    It's funny, I read these things and smile...I remember some of the letters I sent home, and my parents' concerns.

    The Academy experience is all about striving for perfection...those forms handed out are feedback to 'motivate' the folks to improve in their weak will not really end until graduation in 4 years.

    I got a Form 10 (or whatever it was called then) my last semester, Senior year, because of something I allowed to be written on the Form 0-96 (they probably changed the name), the Mitchell Hall meal feedback form. Nothing bad, but less than since I was the table commander...I received the 'feedback' and spent a few weekends in.

    Tell your kid...welcome to USAFA ;)

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