Fort Novosel


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Oct 20, 2016
My son is about to go to AF helicopter training in Fort Novosel. I'm curious what the base and area is like. Thanks
Lots of pine forest. Enterprise is about 25-30k people. There are some nicer and not as nice sections--basically mixed-middle class in many respects. The base is decently large, as the Army does a LOT of training there. I think the AF squadron is still at Cairns AAF, which is just across the town of Daleville from the main fort.

It's generally rural southern pines outside of the towns. Hot summers, mild winters, etc.

Not my favorite place in the world (I like the Rockies), but it's not bad, and the training there is good.
Thanks. That helps. He’s coming from the Rockies. I think he’ll feel the same about the two. Any specific areas to look for apartments that are in good areas?