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Oct 7, 2008
Hi All,

I tried the search function, but I'm having a hard time finding the answer...

Yesterday my son received a full packet and letter offering a Foundation scholarship. His USNA application is complete, including BGO interview, medically qualified, etc. He attended NASS this summer, and is going back in November for a candidate visit. The letter clearly states that they haven't made a final decision on his application, however some posts on this site seem to indicate that foundation scholarship offers only go to those who will not be receiving an LOA, etc.

Can someone set me straight on this?

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A Foundation Scholarship is not connected to an LOA and an LOA is not an appointment. Most candidates receive an appointment without an LOA.

Your son should start by contacting his BGO to determine his status. Generally, and I mean generally, candidates found not scholastically qualified for admission are automatically considered for the Naval Academy Prep School or Naval Academy Foundation sponsorship. The Admissions Board selects the candidates to be offered NAPS, but it recommends the candidates for Foundation sponsorship. The Foundation selects the recipients of a Foundation scholarship.

I would also suggest your son contacts the Foundation since they manage the Foundation scholarship program.

The Foundation Scholarship program is a good program. Similar to NAPS, it is offered to those students who may not be scholastically qualified but USNA feels with a year of prep they can be ready the following year. While not a guarantee, the Foundation states that 95% of their students gain admission.
Thanks for taking the time to reply. At this point we're waiting to hear if he is SQ'd or not. Everything else is complete, including apps to the VP and our MOC's.

We'll let the Foundation know we're interested and see where it takes us!
If you got a Foundation letter, then the Academy wants your son--NEXT year. This was hard for our son to take, but it was ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY the best best thing.

He did a year of prep school and is now a plebe. I would even recommend this route over straight admissions. Seriously. Don't hesitate for a second.

Thanks for the reply and the link! We completed the application and will be sending it in this week. Obviously he is still hoping for an appointment this year, but he's willing to do what it takes to get in. He's having a hard time deciding what his first and second choice for schools should be given that none of them are really near our home in the Chicago area. He's leaning towards NMMI or Marion.

I found the application interesting in that they ask you what you as a parent are willing to contribute. While I understand that the Foundation scholarship is not a "full ride" the cost of schools varies greatly; $8000-$40,000. It would help to know the dollars you're working with when choosing. Our oldest son is a junior at the University of Illinois, so we're not in a position to contribute too much. Hopefully more information will be forthcoming as the process moves along. :smile:
As the parent of a cadet who spent a year in a prep program - MMI -I wholeheartedly agree with HuskiesMama.
The advantages of this year are phenomenal.
Wolf-Dad - pm me if you would like any MMI input.