Foundation scholarship recipients


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Nov 14, 2008
I had recieved the letter from the Naval Academy Foundation about a month ago. I had filled it out and they called me back a week later tell me I am in the program and have picked up the scholarship. I will be attending Western Reserve Academy in Ohio for one year before the academy...anybody else in the same boat?


Best of luck to All!

The Foundation is a great program. That prep year will be the BEST thing for you!! Even though it's plan B for most people, it's a great route, and you'll be even MORE prepared next year than you would be this year.

Best of luck to you! GO NAVY!!

My son is in the same boat, only got his letter about 10 days ago, but has responded affirmatively. We haven't received anything more, yet. However, I'm curious: first, how did you arrive at Western Reserve, given the number of options? Second, was it your first choice (and what was your other?) We are having a difficult time trying to decide which school might be best to shoot for although we did indicate a choice on the forms.

Having said that, everything we have heard (and HuskiesMama knows first hand) from everyone is that the prep option is more than a "good" option. My son's BGO was a prepster, and his ALO also went to the USAFA prep school and says it was the best thing that ever happened to him and made a difference throughout his career. Congratulations!

I arrived at Western Reserve for a few reasons. The first being that I wanted to go far away (I live in NJ) to live completely on my own for a year to get used to it. Secondly, my brother who attends the Naval Academy has some friends who have gone through Foundation and attended Western Reserve and absolutely loved it (they said the food and academics were great)...after hearing that I researched the school in depth and found that it was a good fit for me. I also talked to Captain Wallis from the Foundation who said there will be other Foundation kids with me at Western Reserve so I will know some kids going into Plebe Year. Western Reserve was my first choice. My second choice was The Peddie School. Overall I am positive I made a good choice, it should be a good year. Keep me posted on how everything works out for your son and best of luck!