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Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by RLake, Sep 16, 2013.

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    Sep 16, 2013
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    I was just curious as to how much free time a student in the Academy has.
    Are you allowed to have cell phones at all times as well? Or is it restricted unless otherwise specified?
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    Free time is largely dependent on your major and how well you manage your time. Learn the ladder, and you can still have plenty of free time even with a more difficult major. Search the threads for the plethora of cell phone discussion. Bottom line is that you will generally have your cell phone back by mid semester 4* year, but before that is up to squadron discretion.
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    DEFINITELY dependant on major, and what you choose to focus on. If you do a double major in physics and math :)D) and decide you want to get As, and play a sport...chances are unless you are super human, you will have very little to no free time (6hrs of hw in a night=not a lot of time to relax..) Now if you major in management, are not an athlete and manage your time well, you very well may be able to get decent grades while still managing some semblance of a real life.

    My favorite way to look at this is you can choose 2 of following 3 things and the other will suffer: Social Life, Sports/PEA, GPA/MPA

    So if you choose sports and social life, then your grades will probably be lower. If you choose grades and a social life, you won't have time for a sport/might not do so well on your fitness test, and if you choose grades and a sport, you won't have time for a social life. Of course there are exceptions. It's all about knowing where to commit your time. If you are efficient about workouts, and have great study skills, then it is possible to do well and still have some free time, it is just not easy.

    Long story short, it is up to you.

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