"FREEDOM" SMC/Academy graduations coming

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bruno, Apr 25, 2013.

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    One of the great folk/rock singer- guitarists -Ritchie Havens- passed away last week. Sadly his passing was buried in the Boston news, but I started thinking about his classic Woodstock tune "Freedom". It really is applicable to the feelings that are rolling thru most about to be grads from one of the Military colleges. All of those First classmen who are about to taste Freedom for the first time- and at least at VMI, most are almost desperate to be done. Yet... Oddly enough- feedom can be more bittersweet than you realize-after graduation just like the lyrics of the song, most grads will feel something like a "motherless child" for quite a while. The Corps and your buddies do become family and suddenly you're on your own without that awesome daily support network- that's when you realize just how much you actually loved those 4 years! Fortunately- those ties don't disappear and those brothers stay brothers for life.

    In honor of Ritchie Havens and even more in honor of the about to be Alumni of the class of 2013 at the various SMCs and Academies. Enjoy your last couple of weeks and Welcome to the Alumni ranks!

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    Off topic,I'm sorry but this post reminded me of my deceased mother she was a childhood friend of his on Dean st Brooklyn NY. I met him twice but heard references toward him often, because he was the one that made it. She didn't realize that she did too. Thanks for the posting of his passing.

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