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Apr 7, 2008
anyone on these forums prospective USMA Class of 2016?
fine...anyone a prospective class of '16 for USMA or any Army ROTC program at any college?
You are ahead of most people making this decision so you may not find any other class of 2016 candidates on the forum yet. Stick around and they will get here eventually. :smile:
And I thought I was bad touting my daughter for Wellesley College Class of '15...I feel better now.

Seriously dude follow your dream. My son started talking academy when he was 10...kid is now 21 and about to be called "Ensign"

Your day will come soon! Good luck.:thumb:
2016... I'll almost be a Lietenant by then [hopefully].

Holy crap.
There is nothing wrong with starting young, there are many advantages.
My daughter decided to go to West Point the summer before 8th grade.

2012 Cadet, if you haven't already go to this web page:

Sign up for the mailing list. You will get some information occassionally about West Point and a reminder and information for applying for SLS in your Junior year.
You will also get good guidance in picking your classes in high school so you will be prepared for West Point.
Good Luck!